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Project Free Detroit sees Energy Independence as essential for a future of peace and prosperity for our planet. Our current paradigm of power pollutes our planet and robs generations of their future, yet “Free Energy” experiments have been ongoing since the first days of combustion energy.  We believe Free Energy will be an inevitable evolution of human kind and will  revolutionize our social structure by giving the power back to the People.


FREE Energy

Documentary Zero Point Energy Unlimited Power

Free Energy Magnet Motor Homemade Mini Generator DIY

Russian Scientists revive Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower

Free Energy Generator 2015 - Works 100% (including project)

Clean water is the most important element to life. We believe that the reclaiming of this precious resource for the people, is the most important action that can be taken for the future of this world. Like Free Energy, the technologies exist to give communities their water back. Resource independence begins in each community.

FREE Water

Collection Baskets: Worka Water Tower

How Easy it is to Clean Dirty Water


Purification - DIY BioSand/Char filter

Our current fossil fuel heavy industrial agriculture practices are not only detrimental to our bodies and our planet, they have created a population dependant on corporations for their food. Many urban areas in our country are known as “food deserts” because of the lack of available healthy food. Project Free Detroit seeks to create community resilience and independence through Urban Permaculture initiatives. By combining ancient knowledge with new technologies,  Project Free Detroit seeks to bring local organic food production to all food deserts nation wide.

FREE Food Urban Gardening

A Walk Through A NYC Urban Permaculture Garden

Hydroponics growing system homemade-Aquaponics Made Easy

Urban Aquaculture

Geoff Lawton Urban Permaculture

The power of the people lies in solidarity. Economic inequality has stratified our population, creating a balance in favor of only a small amount of our population. This system of inequality has grown to thrive, only because the majority of people have no other choice is where to find life-sustaining resources. It is time to create an effective unified movement of global peace initiatives and localized solutions. We must come together to build a future that we can all move into together.

CommUNITY Power

Institution VS Collaboration: TED

Local Economy TED

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil: Documentary

Transition Towns: Clip

These are the Action Steps we will take to FREE Detroit.

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